RESTful API Design Tips from Experience
Peter Boyer

Nice read, thanks. From the beginning of the article it was all basics of rest rather than tips, but maybe it’s a good introduction for those who don’t understand the concept of rest.

I have a question, so I work with mobile developers consuming rest api’s I build. My question is we had an argument about returning data. They’ve argued that some they don’t need it, or sometimes they don’t need it at all, that’s in like all HTTP methods. The argument was about saving user network data and obviously improving performance by cutting down responses. My problem is even though I value performance in mobile apps, I wouldn’t know which data is/not needed, and I also think we might need that data in the future or when we are using that rest api for websites which obviously have a limitation of storing data(security reasons) to reuse it later unlike mobile apps which is not that much of a big deal. What do you think? Anybody?

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