Just a few responses:
Elie Challita

  1. Where are you getting this information? As far as I can tell, Bernie’s only presidential run was in 2016, and he’d never run a presidential campaign as an independent.
  2. Nobody is saying that Bernie doesn’t have progressive policies. The author is stating that despite this, women within the movement are sidelined. And your claims about him supporting LBGT rights for decades before dems are dubious. He’s pretty average in that regard. http://time.com/4089946/bernie-sanders-gay-marriage/
  3. You’re entitled to your opinion. Frankly, I could care less about some rallies that he attended while he was in college.
  4. BERNIE VOTED IN FAVOR OF THE CRIME BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://votesmart.org/bill/2666/8585/27110/omnibus-crime-bill#.WOPNUfnys2w
  5. Hillary’s policies weren’t attractive enough to the voters who chose to prioritize cracking down on immigration and fighting terrorism. She won overwhelmingly with voters who make less than 50k a year.

GETTING 3 MILLION MORE VOTES IS NOT LOSING BADLY! Just because you call something a fact does not make it so.

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