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Pretty much everyone uses smartphone apps, including people with disabilities. Building accessible apps help them use them. So let’s create apps that leverage the power and simplicity of iOS’ assistive technologies and adapt our apps to make them accessible to all, regardless of their physical or learning abilities, and by structuring their interface for accessibility accordingly.


One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability. Barriers to full social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities include the unavailability of assistive devices, technologies, and apps. Global awareness of disability-inclusive development, however, is increasing. …

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What is CryptoKit?

Apple’s CryptoKit is a new (as of summer ’19) library available from iOS 13 and onwards that performs cryptographic operations securely and efficiently. Its features include:

  • A (nice) Swift API.
  • Access to cryptographic functions.
  • Ease of use for easy to misuse functions.
  • An improvement over legacy systems.

Existing cryptography solutions on iOS

There are two popular, trusted and open-source solutions. The first one is OpenSSL (official) which is an open-source C based library that you can statically link to your app at the cost of increasing its size though. …

Sending iOS push notifications from the command line with a single bash script located on GitHub here using no external dependencies or services.

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I’ve been using push notifications in most of the apps I build for a while now. On iOS, they are the centerpiece of the remote notifications feature. They are fast, secure and decrease the required effort developers need to make in order to efficiently propagate information towards their apps and users.

Moreover, these days you can display rich and comprehensive content within them. …

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Some of us have our rituals that kickstart our days. For plenty of teams out there, their morning standup meeting has become just that. Since how you begin your day determines whether it will turn out to be a great day or not, a good standup meeting with your team will have positive effects.

What is it?

The purpose of this meeting is to frame the team’s endeavours for that day for everyone’s benefit. These meetings are typically held every single day at the same time, ideally at the start of the work day, and all team members are expected to attend. …

iOS 10 brings us push notifications that have new functionality compared to the ones in older operating system versions. Improvements include viewing photos, videos or gifs, right there, within the notification.

Having these media attachments as part of your notification is achieved with the use of the new Notification Service Extension. You can also have richer view controller level content within the media attachment view of the notification with the use of the, also new, Notification Content Extension. We’ll go through some code just below.

Getting started

Make sure you have:

  • Xcode 8.0+
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11
  • Import UserNotifications.framework

While building your iOS app; or software in general for that matter, you are aware of several structural issues that arise when writing code. Code has to be easily readable and each module has to be responsible for a specific functionality set that fits or communicates well with the other pieces of code that make up a system.

This results in a code base that is testable, maintainable and easily transferrable to other developers. In brief, code needs architecture. …

I first encountered the Scrum methodology, as an agile way to build products, approximately 7 years ago. I had just started a new job in Paris at a new fangled startup as the mobile tech lead. I was going to be working on an iOS app. Up until that point in my career I had been exposed to several project management paradigms loosely based around Waterfall or the Critical Path Method, so to begin working with the iterative nature and the flexibility of Scrum was new and refreshing. I haven’t looked back ever since.

This post aims to describe the steps required to be taken by teams wishing to adopt Scrum. Many books have been written on the topic. Two of my favourites are Scrum and XP from the Trenches and Scrum — A Pocket Guide. There are also many online sources, such as Scrum Guides, that explore Scrum in depth; analysing each step and providing a plethora of use cases that might suit your team, product or organisation. …


Dimitri James Tsiflitzis

Developer, scrum enthusiast, @sequeapp building productivity apps; formerly @nimber, @peopleperhour, @taxibeat; game dev @sprimp and orgniser @cocoaheadsgr

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