A simple visual tool for team problem-solving
Dave Gray

Dave, what I like most about the A3 is the target state and systems-thinking lens. Then having the team outline what is desired (process/outcomes) and the steps to make it happen. One of the challenges with this and other problem-solving frameworks is that a lot of time is spent agreeing on the current state, or worse, diving deeper into all the problems (and root causes) and less time on developing creative solutions. I recently published a video/animate on The Problem with Problem Solving: You get more of what you look for. Have a look and let me know what you think. One of the key tools we use with clients is reframing and appreciative inquiry as an approach to move beyond deductive reasoning to open up inductive and abductive thinking. http://spartinaconsulting.com/463/the-problem-with-problem-solving-you-get-more-of-what-you-look-for

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