A Year of Wonder: The Neuroscience of Empathy
Sam Chaltain

Sam Chaltain, Love it! Check out social constructionism and add to your list of reads;) We socially construct the world in which we live, in relationship with each other. So we actively understand the world around us through creating shared meaning (in relationship) AND we also actively co-create the future. Our words create our worlds!

This is true in 1–1 relationships, but gets more exciting when you think of the power of wholeness and bringing larger groups of people together to create shared meaning that’s not just based on seeking common ground, but higher ground.

Some of the other things that create wonder are curiosity and appreciation. Asking a new/different question (curiosity) can create awe and wonder. You know I’m a fan of Appreciative Inquiry, so not just any question will do! The use of positively-biased/open-ended questions is key! The questions we ask are fateful. This helps us to both understand the world in new ways and help to see our world with new eyes (appreciation).

Thanks for sharing your year of wonder — I will be watching and supporting from afar. This past fall I was looking at sign in my living room that say’s “Be Awesome Today”. This was a great inspiration for me and put me on a similar journey — not only how I could be awesome, but how I could help others be awesome today. It’s not easy to do every day, but when things get challenging, I try to remember to do one thing to make my day or someone else’s day more AWESOME. It is a gift for myself and others.

Today, I’m being guided by my coffee cup that says: “Get Shit Done.”

So have a wonderous and awesome day, now Get Shit Done;)

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