Appodeal stability. Good or Bad?

After a month using Appodeal I have mentioned suspicious thing. It is unbelievable stable on daily earnings…

It is so stable, that it is seemed weird. You know, when you see some changes day-to-day of daily earnings it is OK. Because a number of views, a bunch of available advertisment differs on every day. But Appodeal somehow can handle that.


Here is Appodeal daily earnings above. I have captured the tips of each. The difference between every day is near 1–2$.

Other ad networks

Here we have different ad networks above. They behave randomly and unpredictably. Spread between days can be like dozens of dollars.

And I am wondering. Appodeal provide the most efficient ad revenue that we have ever had. But I can’t explain this incredible stability for myself.

Maybe you can?

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