How to find self-acceptance

I preferred Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven

Normally I avoid the sensationalist self-improvement category of online posts — alas I befall my own hypocrisy — however, one TED talk has caught my attention.

The talk is by Joshua Prager — a man who clearly understands self-doubt, self-belief, and the overall juxtapositions of ‘self’ very well.

The talk is centred on the concept of age — the timelessness of time — the consistency of human discovery and consistency of human degeneration.

One phrase caught my attention — speaking about the nature of human stages, he divides life into four beautiful categories.

  • The Wonders and Confinement of childhood
  • The Emancipation and Frustrations of adolescence
  • The Empowerment and Millstones of adulthood
  • The Recognition and Resignations of old age

Our age may be a state of mind, but perhaps our mindstate follows a consistent pattern…

Here’s the link to video — let me know what you think.