A message from #EYEC8 in Madrid

Leaving Madrid after the completion of #EYEC8, the most successful European Young Entrepreneurs Conference to date, I’d like first of all to congratulate Mikel Beroiz and Przemysław Grzywa and All of those who made it happen as well as to wish our 2018 Presidency Team best of luck and success!

While I truly am confident for the future of European Young Entrepreneurs, I also feel the need to express my concerns about the disconnect of this so dynamic group of Europeans from the political process. That disconnect gives room to mediocrity and populism. That disconnect actually boosts divisive thinking and polarizing rhetoric which both could be extremely dangerous — As repeatedly proven recently.

So I can only invite my fellow entrepreneurs from all around Europe to make sure they respond to their citizenship duties. To make sure that whenever necessary they will be there, as a force of pragmatism and progress and as actors of positive change — And yes, all that has to happen in parallel to actively and sustainably building our businesses and making sure that our very own personal examples can serve as models of the change we wish to see happening.

Peace and prosperity should not be taken for granted in Europe. Freedom is not free. Each of us has to take their fair share in responsibility and action — And this has to happen just about now.