Exclusive Interview with E! News

Q: How’s things in YouTube & what can you tell us about the wives?

Oh how things have changed in the city of YouTube! Things are genuinely going well in my life at the moment. As for the show, I can honestly say you’ll be shocked from the first episode, till the finale. As you know we have 3 new housewives, Dee, Paul, & Rick. I can genuinely say I do like all of them, despite some bumps we’ve had this season. They all bring something different and fresh to the show & I believe that’s truly what the show needed!

Q: What can you tell us about Nate & Vix returning?

Hmmm, at first I was happy they both returned because I was in a good place with them! As the season was going you know, there were some things said by one of them that rubbed me the wrong way. I was honestly shocked by it & then on vacation it escalated. I honestly don’t know if I could forgive that person unless I get an apology.

Q: What can you say about yourself this season?

This season, I would say I’ve grown, even though some people try to test me this season. After a long year in Twitter, I had to come back to YouTube for family & things. Hopefully, you’ll see my little someone these season & towards the end of the season, you’ll be shocked like I was. I’m very happy!


Q: Is there anything you regret from the show & Ladies of Twitter?

Actually, yes I do & I know it’s gonna be a shocker. I honestly regret saying what I said about Joshuaa & the baby & the rumors about Adam cheating on Tyler. It was very wrong of me & quite frankly, it’s none of my business if Joshuaa lied or if Adam cheated on Tyler. I’m happy now & you know I’m moving forward with my life. On YouTube, um, I don’t regret anything that I could think of. *Thinks* I do actually. It was at Nate’s when he was launching his chocolate & I said something about Tom’s husband. Now, I laugh at it, but it was a sore subject for him & I never shouldn’t gone that low when he did it to me. *Laughs*

Q: Is there anyone that you want to return?

Brian & Tom honestly. They both knew how to bring it & they both knew how to play the cards right. Brian was a shady little thing & his shade is just so funny to me! Tom, he isn’t afraid to get down & dirty & you know, if you push him there, he will go after you. Like when he pulled Nate’s hair after Nate called him “SCUM.” *laughs*

Q: Do you have any last words?

You guys will absolutely love the new season of YouTube! It’s fun, it’s different & you know, we always bring the drama in YouTube! It’s a season you don’t want to miss!!

The Real Housewives of YouTube Season 3 Premieres July 31st

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