Get Comfortable Before You Come For Me

So since everyone is writing blogs, I guess I should write one too. So before I dig deep, yes I am leaving the show. No I wasn’t FIRED I did indeed LEAVE. I’m in Italy with Mike and we are just enjoying ourselves and I’m just genuinely in a happy place.

So let’s talk about these bitches…The reunion is crazy. I had to literally put those hoes in check because for some reason they have a problem with me. I don’t really understand why. As you know Dee just wrote a blog playing the victim. I wouldn’t believe what Dee says because once the reunion airs, you’ll understand what I’m saying. I feel as if these women want to see me fail. They wish I was a whore, they wish I was BROKE, they wish I was DRY, they wish, they wish, they wish. In reality they aren’t happy with themselves. I mean you have Nate sleeping with married men (I’ve been saying that since S2), you have Nick living a double life, and lastly you have Dee wanting sympathy by making up lies etc. At the end of the day, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics change next season without me. Me and Paul have already left YT and are living our best lives. I heard Nick quit, but he most likely got fired. I also heard Dee confirmed his return, but how can you confirm your return when rumor has it you are checking yourself into rehab? Anyways, enough of that troll haha.

Filming the show has been an absolute blast the past 5 seasons and honestly I wouldn’t change anything! The show made me stronger in a way. Like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I feel I’m stronger and have evolved into myself since doing the show. As this comes to a close I just want you all to remember that the reunion will be airing soon and these hoes (mainly Dee) wanna act tough on camera, but then want to pull a lawsuit and shit. Isn’t that BS?