The Real Housewives of YouTube-Episode 3 (Blog)

This was a crazy episode wasn’t it? I’m going to start off with Casey’s lunch with Jonathan. Jonathan seems like a sweetheart & I would love to see more of him in the YouTube scene. I just don’t know how they had a good friend relationship for that long. Does Casey pay him? I thought Casey & Tom were so “close” but you will see Casey’s crooked ways later in the season. Now, we are at the meetup at Tom’s. I was originally not going because why would I want to be in the same room as him after the sh*t he pulled. I decided to go because what do I have to lose. He’s the one who started it, so I will let him say whatever sh*t he wants.When Nathan arrived, the sh*t started. I was appalled at what went down. I can understand Nathan’s frustration at Tom because Tom…he is the total sh*t. He’s a trainwreck because his man is away okay & he’s mad at us when his anger should be on James. I’m glad me & Tom found some sort of agreement, but I will never, ever trust the devil. Hope you all are enjoying season!! It gets crazier from here! 😘

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