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End of Year Update Time

I’m feeling pretty good about my personal security. I know that 100% security is a myth but I feel relief, even if it’s not perfect. The transition to utilizing the tools on a daily basis was slightly difficult but I’ve learned to really enjoy all the tools and process. Again, this is coming from a normal consumer and not a security expert.

👍 NordVPN is a solid option. Easy to integrate into all my computers and phone. …

I’ve decided to test out a privacy-first mentality. This isn’t a “stop cold turkey with social media” or a perfect equation for keeping all your data and online stuff safe but it’s worth the effort. I’m looking at it as an everyday tech user trying to dodge the collection of my personal data. It’s pretty impossible with the sharing of photos on Facebook or using GMail. But I think we can control a good amount of it if we try.

Why now?

I have no idea. I think it’s just from constantly reading about data leaks, data being sold between companies, lawsuits, identity storage, or it could be just general curiosity. I keep hearing about VPNs and password managers as a normal thing. I thought these tools were more of the corporate level so I personally never got into the scene. But then something like TunnelBear showed up and that started to get my attention but I never wanted to use a free VPN. Then I kept hearing about NordVPN and the timing was perfect with a podcast mention (actually an ad) and I got a great deal. Also, my brother has been swearing by DuckDuckGo and now I’m trying it out. But I think the tipping point for me was when I heard about Have I Been Pwned… I did a quick search and welp yea pwned. So, I took the advise of Troy Hunt and got 1Password. …

Well, I finally made time to build a new personal page. I have one from a few months ago that I deployed onto Gitlab pages but Gitlab’s IP changes a few times a year and I’m not gonna keep up with that. So, I decided to start from scratch today, built it, spun up a server, deployed and got the SSLs. I had a side project sitting on my laptop and I decided to deploy it too.

If you want a longer post I can make time in the future.

Personal Site

Side Project

Here’s my toolkit:


I love Nuxt.js and Vue.js. Use Nuxt.js/Vue.js to build your next app.


Spin up a droplet on DigitalOcean. Easy. Below is my referral link FYI.


A personal Heroku on a $10 droplet that I can launch many test project for super cheap.

Let’s Encrypt

Free and easy SSL!

Sketch Resources

For free and awesome art for Sketch.


Tim Skaggs ✌

A developer, a freelancer, a runner, a partner, an optimist

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