Launching 12 Businesses in 12 Months

My goal for 2016 is to launch a new business every month.

I love coming up with business ideas. I try to do it everyday. Some are dumb, some are neat — but without getting them to market, how will I ever know?

So for 2016, I’m going to launch one business per month. They don’t need to be ground-breaking ideas, or have a viable business model. For me, it’s about experimentation and learning how to just fucking do it.

Here are some ideas I’ve been exploring so far.

  1. MapFest — A map based website that shows music festivals around the world depending on your where you are, or where you’re going.
  2. Legal Directory — Consolidating updates to Canadian statutes to one online directory.
  3. Board Game Rentals — A board game rental service so you can try new board games without having to buy them.
  4. Coconut Ice Cream — Along these lines. I was recently in Mexico and my friends were going ape over this stuff. Might be a hit in the summer in Penticton.
  5. Airbnb Management for Property Owners — Managing Airbnb rentals for property owners. Think posting ads, dealing with guests, cleaning, key drop-off…
  6. Subscription Sharer — Want access to Netflix, Spotify and but don’t want to pay all the fees? Find a subby-buddy, split the costs and share the password.
  7. Weekly Videos For Self Starters — Get a inspiring/entrepreneurial video in your email every Monday morning to keep motivated on personal projects. Example.
  8. Tax Service for Expats in Berlin — Helping non-german speakers file taxes in Berlin.
  9. Facebook Pre-Birthday Notifier — Get notified of your best friend’s birthday two weeks ahead of time so you can find a nice gift or plan an event.

I will be chronicling my ideas and progress here. Many of the projects will be collaborations with friends/colleagues so let me know if you want to help out!

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