Student Financial Aid Is Broken. Here’s How We Fix It.
Dan Greenstein

FAFSA is overly complex and difficult to navigate. The part I wonder why no one is talking about it is real data. Focused data that attacks the “head of the snake”, not the mid-section or tail. Specifically, we should be able to identify what of the 1.4 Trillion is “acceptable debt” what is “bad debt”, and what is “ugly debt”.

I have spent hundreds of hours researching and the data is hard to navigate. There are plenty of stories of individuals, their experiences, their tips and tricks, etc. Very few focus on systemic, data-centered reviewed to look at the system as a while.

FAFSA is one piece, and the student-centered approach is definitely a great idea. I would throw in degree-centered and university-centered reviews.

Universities should be accountable to a degree for this, but ultimately, it is a mass education challenge. How do we educate the masses to make better decisions with their money? I think we start by taking some notes from Mr. Ramsey.

Thanks for writing!

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