The Problem With Dribbble
Tobias van Schneider

You seem to have glossed over Dribble’s positioning themselves as de facto portfolio and professional Rolodex for designers? They are now acting as a job hunting site and I see multiple ads for “Dribble is the place to find designers” and I talk to other hiring managers (in Silicon Valley they are usually not designers hiring designers) who consider Dribble the only mark of a good designer. Do you really think the folks at Dribble are blameless in the prevalence in that view? I think as a fun place to goof around and show off little things, Dribble is fine. I have no problem with it. I largely don’t use it because most of my work is not graphic design. However, there is real harm being done by the idea that “design talent” with no qualifier of what kind of designer can be discerned by the crowd reacting to 400x300 pixel rectangles, what do we do to counter that?

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