Hello World on z/OS
Marianne Bellotti

This is the first time I think I have ever written a response to an article I read, but I was really taken aback by the tone of the article.

It sounds like the vantage point of the writer may be that of a millennial or Gen-X’er, who never knew that the mainframe has been around longer than the PC, so “datasets” are a more familiar term to some than “files” are. Mainframes have been doing the heavy lifting in the business world since the 1960’s, and continue to do so, evolving along the way to add Unix support and compatibility as long as 20 years ago.

I am one of those mainframe “dinosaurs”, as some frequently refer to those of us, who were supposed to go extinct 10, 20 or more years ago, with the death of the mainframe, that never happened. The mainframe continues to handle most of the workload of modern business, delivering sub-second response times to thousands of concurrent interactive uses. This includes ATM, POS terminals and such, that many supermarket and other retail outlet shoppers take for granted.

If the author had been born in the 1950’s as I was, she may have been taking a different view, of PCs and their strange “file” nomenclature, if she had first cut her teeth on “big iron”.