The Long Game — Issue #31

We are at a crossroads as human beings and as a country. Do we give into the negative zero-sum mentality of politicians on the left and the right, or, do we look at history and realize that this is the best time to be alive? It is my belief that society is on a perpetual upward path. However, just as we move through the seasons, we cycle through the good and bad times. Be ready for the winter but excited about the spring. We are on this journey together and as we bring others up we expand the pie for everyone. Just because someone is getting better in this world, it does not mean that we are getting worse. We must have empathy for the less fortunate and realize that not all of us were given the same opportunities. I have never had to worry about where my next meal would come from. I have loving parents that are still married after 50 years. My parents taught me about life, hard work, and relationships. They showed me what love is. I realize that a lot of people did not have these examples or mentors in their lives. Most people are just trying to take care of their families and do their best with what they have learned. I believe in looking at the world through the lens of abundance and realizing there is more than enough to go around. This outlook helps me have compassion for others. If you’re scared or worried about the future, look inside yourself to determine your limiting beliefs. No politician or government will save you. You have the power but it takes work. That work can come in the form of prayer, meditation, journaling, exercise or learning new skills. Hell, I believe all of the above are important. What matters is taking action and to stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. As Gandhi said, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” Sorry for the rant this week but I am tired of seeing all the negativity that the media and politicians are trying to perpetuate. Let’s go ahead and jump into this week’s links.


There’s Never Been A Better Time to Be Alive — —

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From life expectancy, homicide rates, global wealth, people in poverty, to literacy, all of these statistics continue to improve. We rarely hear these stats because they do not sell. It is much easier to sell the negative. If you really want to dive into the stats, check out Our World in Data run by Max Roser.


Carl Sagan — Pale Blue Dot — YouTube —

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Carl Sagan has a way of putting it all in perspective. We are more alike than we are different in this world. We are riding this “pale blue dot” together and I hope we can continue to work together to grow as a society.


Dr. Rick Rigsby- Make An Impact — “Change your life” — YouTube —

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This is such an inspirational speech filled with so many great life lessons. We all have an ability to positively affect the world around us. Always strive to learn more, treat others well, and put in the hard work. “How are you living, today?”

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Evidence Mounts That Mindfulness Breeds Resilience | Greater Good Magazine —

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Over the past few years, I have benefitted greatly from implementing a mindfulness practice into my life. It’s easier to slow down and not over-react in difficult situations. My practice allowed me to be less judgmental of myself and others. I also believe I am more resilient because I don’t get overwhelmed by failure or catastrophize negative events. It is great to see there is research in this area.

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12 Questions That Will Change Your Life | Thought Catalog —

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I find a great benefit in pondering questions and journaling about them. Sometimes it can be difficult but putting pen to paper can help you figure out who you are and if your actions align with your perceived values. These questions can help you figure out what you stand for and make sure you are moving on the path to the life you want.

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Want an Abundant Life? Change Your Thinking —

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One of the biggest changes I made in my life over the past decade was moving from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. It has not only lowered my stress levels but also improved my relationships and my career. It allows me to make tough decisions because I know the world has so much to offer If I’m willing to go out and get it. Scarcity forces you to act from a place of fear, always worried there is never enough. When you have that attitude you will create the circumstances that leave you lacking. Now, I choose abundance and know we all have so much to give each other. The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves by Matt Ridley

This is a great book that details how living standards have continued to increase at an accelerating rate around the world. The author also goes into his theory on why this is the case. As a species, once we learned to work together and began trading, not just goods but ideas, society flourished. The world is a better place with the free and open exchange of information and ideas. I hope we don’t do anything to jeopardize this in the future.


Before I go, here are a few more links to check out this weekend.

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I hope you enjoyed another edition of the Long Game. Feel free to pass it along. Have a good weekend!