98 — molecular future (MOF) weekly report

Molecular Future
Nov 25 · 4 min read

HiFriends of the molecular future:

Molecular’s future week report is coming to issue 98. The voting questionnaire on molecular’s future planning is warmly participated by fans, and more welfare activities will be given back to you in the future. Fcoin exchange will open MOF recharge, cash withdrawal and trading. At the same time, the platform has made two important announcements, “buy back” and “acquisition” plan go hand in hand. The molecular team is oneStep by step, has been moving forward, committed to building a global one-stop digital asset investment service platform!In addition, how far has the project progressed?Let’s review it with Xiaobian!

First,Strongest this week

Xbting Foundation



Starting net worth (February 19) 1, latest net worth(11month24Day)1.5386

Total increase+53.86%

II. Talking about work


technological development

APPContinuous page optimization

Continuous optimization of official website page

In the process of overall adjustment, upgrading and optimization


Voting questionnaire on future molecular planning

Now on the white paper 2.0 to be edited by molecular in the future, the buyback plan,

Offline communication meeting and other suggestions and feedbacks, etc., to investigate with users,

We hope to fill in truthfully and conscientiously. We will select 100 copies to fill in constructively

Questionnaire, give corresponding rewards.


FCoinAnnouncement of exchange opening MOF recharge, withdrawal and trading

Fcoin exchange has now opened up the recharge and withdrawal of molecular future (MOF),

Friends in need can operate in fcoin exchange

Official website of fcoin exchange: https://www.fcoin.com/


“”Buy back” and “acquisition” plan go hand in hand

First: “buy back” plan, MOF will be in the fourth quarter in the future

Buy back the $1.2 million MOF from the secondary market;

II: “acquisition” plan, MOF will invest US $50 million in the future

It is used to layout the market of digital currency securities companies;


4. Collude with us


Molecular community

Join the community

Customer service brother and sister

Bring it to you!welfare

Wechat: fenziweilai

Micro blog: molecular future

Official website: http://www.molecular.cc


Open your relationship with MOF

The above is the latest development of the future project of molecular. The future community of molecular often has welfare activities. Remember to pay more attention to the community.This week’s weekly news is all about this. If you haven’t downloaded it, your future friends can download it through the official website or contact customer service. You can get benefits as soon as you sign up for a new person. Xiaobian here wishes you all a happy job and what you can buy!

Molecular Future

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