Why High Temperature Thermocouples Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Modern world has given us many inventions and some of those inventions are based on accidental discoveries due to which new products and materials came into existence and started providing its benefits. Today, we are going to talk about an invention that is used in various industrial applications. Normal people are not aware of this industrial creation. Thus, it’s time to increase our awareness about this merchandise and its uses.

This device is known as High Temperature thermocouples that are used for measuring and controlling of temperatures in furnaces and chambers. This product is specially made by Toshniwal sensors private limited. Due to high temperature and corrosive infested environment, platinum covered ceramic protective tubes are used in some applications. According to the melting structure, strong corrosion may happen.

Thus, this particular company is known for designing, supplying, maintaining and servicing a wide range of glass customer specified high temperature thermocouples around the globe. In fact, almost everything is possible. Thus, as a client, you can be able to get products like Thermocouples with single/double/triple type S, R, and B component and thermo element wire diameters that range from 0.15mm to 0.5mm, protective Thimbles that are made from pure Platinum or PtRH10% etc. Thus, these are thermocouple products with different thermocouple length or dimension according to their needs and demands of the clients.

Thus, in order to explain further about these High Temperature thermocouples, platinum and Rhodium protective tubes are also known as thermocouple thimbles those are slow to molten glass and provide inadequate resistance to erosion. Such a condition helps them in withstanding thermal cycling, ceramic cracking, and several removals and insertions. In these glass melts present reducing conditions that may cause low melting phrases of oxides such as aluminum, silicon, arsenic and lead when combined with platinum that rapidly penetrates into the grain boundaries. Moreover, anticipated alloys show strong bristly grain formation at higher operating temperatures. Structural damage by contamination leads to loss of stability and breakage of mechanisms. After this, even the sulphur in the glass can react with Rhodium metal when platinum and Rhodium alloys leading to the formation of a eutectic that melts at 925 degree Celsius. Thus, it helps in destroying the thimble. Thus, the introduction of dispersion hardening (DPH) for platinum has solved these problems to a large extent. Thus, these DPH Platinum alloys give increased mechanized strength to durability.

Additionally, platinum grade dispersion hardening is an oxide that is made up of pure platinum that is used in various high temperatures applications when the use of solid solution hardening is done by alloying components such as Rhodium, iridium as well as gold cannot be tolerated any further. Furthermore, the perfectly dispersed oxides obstruct grain growth and displacements that is just below the melting point. Thus, such a condition results in the clear reduction of the creep rate and also an upsurge in the strain rupture strength especially at high temperatures. Also due to the obstruction of the grain growth, a nice grain structure is formed that remains stable even at the highest application temperatures. Now, the current platinum dispersion hardening materials such as platinum grade dispersion hardening metals, Platinum and Rhodium grade DPH materials distinguish themselves through following advantages that are as follows:

1) It helps in high creep and stress rupture up to the highest application temperatures.

2) The second best example of these high temperature thermocouples is its excellent corrosion resistance even in aggressive glass melts.

3) The third primary advantage is perfect micro structural stability of the product in long term service.

4) The fourth best advantage of this product is less crystallization

5) Good formability is another next best advantage.

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