5 Ways to make your New Year Resolutions work !

New Year 2017 is coming soon and if you are like most others, chances are that you had quit your resolutions made last year and you are probably starting afresh with the same / similar resolutions. So here are our 5 ways to make your resolutions work (atleast those related to health !)

#1: Choose a meaningful resolution & a vision

Your New Year resolution should be very meaningful and close to your heart. Achieving the resolution should give you immense happiness and satisfaction and / or remove pain and distress from your life.

E.g. , if your resolution is weight loss (apparently more than 30% of all resolutions !!), you should be able to envision the good, positive things that can happen in your life, if you achieve weight loss e.g. regaining self-confidence and self-esteem, respect from peers and family members, so and so forth.

The more meaningful the resolution is for you, higher the chances that you will make time for them and achieve them.

#2: Every resolution needs a plan

And it takes time to develop a plan. Most, if not all, resolutions require a plan of action to achieve them. A plan that is made atleast a few weeks before 1st of January. So what does the plan have

  • The plan defines your resolution better (metrics and measures, max 1 or 2).
  • The plan specifies timelines & milestones & action items.

Sometimes, it is useful to take the help of an expert / specialist (e.g. a TSpoon Nutritionist for health goals) to specify and/or validate your metrics.

#3: Find a mentor / motivator

Paul Coelho said “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Sticking to a resolution is very tough. Especially, when your resolution is — say, to change a habit which you might have developed over several years. Sometime, you might be tempted to go off-track (or) you might develop thoughts on giving up.

That’s why a mentor is required. It could be anyone whom you trust and respect. It could also be the specialist who helped you create your plan in the first place.

Share your plan with your mentor well before you start the plan.

#4: Build your milestones, incentives and punishments

If your resolution is meaningful and plan is large ( in terms of change and action items), then always build milestones in between. If your plan is to reduce your weight by 10 kgs in 3 months, make a milestone like

  • Month 1–3 Kgs,
  • Month 2–3 Kgs ,
  • Month 3–4 Kgs.

Discuss with your mentor and define the rewards and punishments if you achieve or miss a milestone. Let the reward / punishment come from your mentor.

Note: The “punishment” should trigger you to correct course, NOT deter you. The “reward” should stimulate you, NOT make you complacent.

#5: Act, one day at a time, everyday

Everyday, preferably in the morning, spend some time visualizing the benefits of your resolution. That should give you a positive energy to act. The things to be done everyday

  • Set your reminders
  • Read your plan
  • Act as per your plan
  • Record your results
  • Share and discuss with mentor
  • Reward / punish

Lastly, as much as possible, try to stay away from people / things / events which will deter you from your resolution. Talk to your mentor and your specialist on how to manage this.

Good Luck with your New Year Resolutions. Time for step 1 !

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