Continuing with our five-part series, we’re taking a look at how feelings of safety and security build trust, influence behavior, and make an impact in retail.

As our customers’ lives are inundated with new information, increasing access, and conflicting opinions, they seamlessly and quickly transition through styles, interests, and communities — crafting a liquid world, where movement is the new normal and identity has never been harder to grasp. In a life of instability, brands can provide the tools to help customers define themselves as they move between multiple interests.

Feeling safe and secure is the second basic need according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and it is known that these emotions have much power to determine people’s behavior. People have a tendency to cling to ideals and gravitate towards what is familiar and dependable. Part 2 in our series explores how brands can evoke these feelings of safety and security and create loyalty through “trust”. …

I’m not sure I have seen an industry get such bad press over the past few years as retail. Some is painfully accurate, some blindly foolish. We’re seeing however, exciting strides in the evolution of modern retail. Responding to consumer behavior, retail is reconfiguring its infrastructure and rebuilding from the ground up.

It’s been said that the industry is “Somewhere between “apocalypse” and “correction””, but at the Science Project we’re optimistic about how retail is rebuilding itself. Beginning with a strong foundation we have seen small victories coalesce into larger achievements. …

Our consumer-centric approach focuses on building a brand experience that will resonate with needs and desires of consumers. So how does this apply to eCommerce?

It’s simple. We humanize and personalize the experience to make it memorable.

This goes beyond how a brand’s digital presence looks and extends into how it feels — or, rather, how it makes the customer feel. We spoke with our lead strategist, Danielle Tieman, to learn how she gets inspired:

“I look at the unique aspects of a brand and then focus on the question ‘how can we add value to people’s lives?’ …

Our five-part series examines the neurological forces that influence behavior, creating a framework for brands to make an impact in retail.

As retail competition rises and trust in government declines, brands are swiftly stepping into a new role, one with a social responsibility to advocate for causes and enhance life. In this fast moving retail environment, where loyalty is a commodity, brands need to make a significant impression. By understanding what customers’ desire, what they value, and why, we can hone in on opportunities for brands to create a bond that extends deep into the fabric of peoples’ lives.

Our Retail Love Affair series reveals a framework for brands to fuel desire by fulfilling needs (actual or perceived), driving retail behaviors, and ultimately creating bonds with customers. …

Recently, the Executive Producer and Co-Founder at The Science Project, Dave Skaff, wrote an article about what makes a “good producer.” We’re sharing it on our blog. It’s that good.

It’s more than a job description.

I loathe traditional job advertisements and job descriptions. After reading the essay “Good Product Manager Bad Product Manager” in Ben Horowitz’s excellent book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” I began to see a better way forward in my own field of advertising, film, and digital media. Our professions are vitally important to each of us. The need for clarity about them is equally important. What follows is inspired by Ben’s essay. It’s too long and yet also too short — but I’ll take it over the usual fare any day.

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A good producer is a great project manager… and also a guiding creative force, firm and fair client liaison, reliable and sensitive team leader, alert coach and part-time clairvoyant. …

While Amazon and Snapchat duke it out on advertising, brands and agencies are partnering together and thinking about how they can deploy social media solutions that create new connections and exciting moments with customers beyond costly filters.

At The Science Project, we’re constantly seeking fresh and authentic inspiration to solve challenges for our clients.

Our latest partnership with Marc Jacobs Fragrance engages customers with a social-first strategy that hacks the timelines of their most gregarious customers.

What makes a Social Media Campaign “Hack-worthy”?

While social-focused marketing efforts are not a new phenomenon, the way brands are approaching this and creating social moments is evolving. …

The Modern Retail Landscape is swiftly evolving as key players continue to raise the bar. We explored the success of The New Stand’s unique customer-centric model.

The New Stand, NYC’s modern lifestyle store for those on the go, dedicates itself to making each day a little more awesome and is nailing a retail experience that integrates right into their customer’s daily routine.

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The traditional newsstand has it all — gum before the meeting, water for the sweat monster, and a rotating cycle of essential news and celebrity gossip to keep conversation flowing all day long. Enter The New Stand — elevating this traditional concept and reformatting it across touch points with a consistent message that excites, engages, and builds loyalty.


Here are the key takeaways from our…

Since the Modern Retail Landscape is no longer limited to just physical space, we took the time to consider how Glossier uses branded storytelling in the wild.

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Glossier constantly delivers on their brand promise inside of the store and outside the store, winning in the Modern Retail Landscape.


Here are the key takeaways from our visit:

  • Meet the Customer Where They Are: Discover where your core customer spends much of their idle time and invade that space.
  • Bring Brand Stories to Life in the Store: Use media content in store to orient customers and direct them through the experience toward the point of sale.
  • Declutter Your Space: Scale back on how many products you present at one time so that your customer is inspired by the decision making process, rather than overwhelmed.
  • Continue the Conversation: Surprise and delight shoppers with something that allows them to carry the retail experience beyond the point of sale. …


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