The New Stand: Seamless Disruption

The Modern Retail Landscape is swiftly evolving as key players continue to raise the bar. We explored the success of The New Stand’s unique customer-centric model.

The New Stand, NYC’s modern lifestyle store for those on the go, dedicates itself to making each day a little more awesome and is nailing a retail experience that integrates right into their customer’s daily routine.


The traditional newsstand has it all — gum before the meeting, water for the sweat monster, and a rotating cycle of essential news and celebrity gossip to keep conversation flowing all day long. Enter The New Stand — elevating this traditional concept and reformatting it across touch points with a consistent message that excites, engages, and builds loyalty.


Here are the key takeaways from our visit:

  • Break Routine, In Routine: Seamlessly integrate into the customer’s day — but be sure it’s going to add value.
  • Presentation is Everything: Make it fun, make it easy but most importantly, make it relevant.
  • Bring Them Moments of Satisfaction: Sometimes it’s the simple things that have the greatest impact on how we feel.
  • Always Keep it Fresh: Each day, week or month brings new opportunities to our customers — rotate content accordingly to keep up.

Break Routine, In Routine

The greatest joys in life are those unexpected moments that exceed our expectations. The New Stand took this idea and decided it was time to bring it to the everyday routine because let’s face it, no one (especially New Yorkers) likes routine.

Whether it is on an L train commute, work time coffee break, or Sunday shopping excursion, The New Stand catches you on the go and draws you into an experience that gives you a boost, pick-me-up, or time-wasting browse right when you need it most.


Presentation is Everything

Upon entering the store, you are immediately greeted with vibrant colors and friendly staff that bring the experience to life. Cute and fun product displays feel like tiny surprises inviting you to play. As you escape into the thrill of how these simple ‘necessities’ could enhance life as you know it, you explore every corner of the manageable space, leaving no stone unturned.


Bring Them Moments of Satisfaction

Brands often get carried away in fighting for the customer’s attention by being the biggest, baddest or loudest and lose sight of the simple moments that can have the greatest impact on their emotions.

Convenience is a key component to The New Stand’s retail approach and is evidently applied throughout all customer interactions. From paperless receipts to an in store app integration that recognizes you at check out, the process is seamless, personal, and rewarding… literally. Each time you shop at the store, read a story on the app, or add money to your account, you are automatically rewarded with loyalty points that keep you coming back for more.

Even in navigating the app, the tiniest behaviors are not overlooked as you addictively swipe left, right, up or down to view content or watch as each loyalty cent is added to your balance. These moments bring small joys but add to the brand experience in a big way.


Always Keep it Fresh

Every visit to The New Stand’s app or store is a new experience. Built for change, the store is able to rotate product quickly in response to any emerging Pokémon trend or new artist collaboration. The app is home to deals and content that is sent out daily to re-engage customers in a way that supports the brand message and adds value beyond retail. A call-to-action on the app allows users to contribute to the experience by submitting anything they think is awesome.

The New Stand has built a modern world that stands on the pillars of basic human behavior by creating a retail model that integrates into culture as it’s happening, forming a relationship with their customer that can grow and evolve together.

We’ve seen many interesting implementations for how retailers can engage customers in ongoing communication and The New Stand has done a great job. With so much opportunity in today’s landscape, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. Perhaps a subway based Daybreaker?

Post by: Danielle Tieman, Brand Strategist at The Science Project

Do you have any retail experiences that you would like to share? Do you work for a brand and would like to have us evaluate your customer experience? Connect with us! We’d love to hear from you.

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