Learnings from sketching in 3 days

“You’re a designer, you can draw, right?”

Only if you want sloppy uneven lines and disproportional surfaces. I can draw, but that doesn’t mean it looks good. I’ve never been a sketcher in my life. When I was five, I had one of those cute whiteboard easels for children, allowing my inner artist to freeflow with weird creativity drawings, but when I started using the white walls of the living room as a whiteboard, it was taken away and thrown in the back of a closet, forgotten with the collected dust.

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In high school, I picked up my dad’s Nikon film camera and found it easier to “draw” pictures with (not counting the film process).
As years progressed and camera technology got better over time, my trade as a photographer shifted to an editorial photojournalist in college. As a photographer, my first instinct was to unzip my bag and pull out my DSLR or camera phone to capture the reality of what I found intriguing. In addition to studying graphic design, I thought drawing classes would’ve helped my ability to do illustrative design work, however I couldn’t find any value in doing realistic drawings of nude models with charcoal sticks. …

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