Breathe & Believe

I felt so tired this morning as my mind raced into the future then propelled me backwards 10 years. There I was 5:30 AM, in the dark, worrying while my husband and daughter slept peacefully. I wish I had their ability to sleep so well.

I think I must be genetically dispositioned to worry. I come from a great, long line of worriers in my family. Sometimes we feed on each other and amplify our worries inadvertently. It’s ironic because all we want to do is protect and love each other. Yet this worrying for ourselves and for each other doesn’t bring the peace in the present that we need.

Back to this morning, in the midst of my great worrying…

I remembered some article somewhere I read about the power of breathing. It’s ability to help us sleep and take down stress levels in a mater of seconds. I was able to stop and just focus on breathing.

My chest rose. Then fell.
In. Out. In. Out.

I swear my brain felt like it went from being in a vice to floating weightless. The worries are still there but in that moment I told myself all I have to do this very second is breathe.

Breathe and believe.

Believe the future is coming in it’s own form to me. I cannot force it to be something it is not. I can prepare and pray, but the more I worry the more my brain feels like it is under pressure and I have difficulty experiencing peace and joy in this moment.

So if you are a worrier like me, trying daily to retrain your brain and focus on what is — not what should be, breathe. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Breathe wholly. Breathe until your mind feels peace.

The past is done. We can’t change what happened but we can change what we do right now in the present. Believe the future is ours and it is probably better than we could have ever planned or imagined. If we are present and keep our eyes and ears open maybe just maybe everything we need or wanted is right in front of us when we open our eyes.

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