Feeling heard

This morning I woke up and my mind kept landing on a the idea of being heard. How important it is to feel heard. How hard it is when you feel like you are not being listened to in a genuine way. How apathy can turn people’s desire to be heard into hurt, anger, resentment and more.

Maybe if people felt heard our election results would have been different. Maybe if more people felt heard our workplaces and home lives would be different.

It’s one thing to listen to someone when you want something from them. It’s another thing to listen when you hear things you don’t like, when you are tired, when you have a deadline or when you are simply not interested. This goes beyond being polite but really seeking out in others a window into their worlds. Understanding what makes them happy, sad, frustrated, etc.

Lately I have been trying to take extra time to hear people. Stopping what I am doing to have a conversation, to look at someone in the eyes and really listen which can actually been a little hard. I think the more I practice this the more it will become a natural part of my being rather than very intentional. I know that when I do this I learn something new about the people around me. At work in particular I am able to relate to people differently. When I stop to hear my daughter and turn my full attention toward her, I can tell she feels included and valued.

What about you? Will you be listening this morning too?