9. Grown
Teresa Ruiz Decker

HA! Yes! You know what I am talking about then! In my family there were many conversations and things that weren’t meant for littles like me. My mom was very good about shooing me out of the room. She would say something like,“Go on over there chismosa! This isn’t for you. Grown ups are talking.” Chismosa means one who gossips, in Spanish. HA!

It’s SO interesting being older and now being part of the older generation. I have a daughter who I am teaching to have respect when grown ups are talking (i.e. don’t interrupt and when to be present or not). But the real kicker that sparked this piece was when my little cousin asked me if I knew how to “Whip” (you know…the dance). My response → “Girl, I don’t need to do that — I’m grown.” Besides I am more of a Kid ‘n Play kinda girl anyway.

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