Are you sure the people of those cities aren’t oppressing the farmers of Kansas by not paying them…
Jonathan Swift

Oppression is not raising the minimum wage in 8 years and before that it wasn’t raised for 9 years. I would’t buy into the the narrative that people in cities aren’t paying fair prices for food. I pay between $1.25 — $2.00 per apple in NYC. That is not fair… to me. It is not my fault or the fault of others in the city who buy food that the profits from our overpriced produce doesn’t trickle down to the farmer. Further proof that trickle down anything doesn’t work including trickle down economics ( see Kansas). Where does that money go if not to the farmer? Perhaps a lot goes to corporate CEO’s and their shareholders as corporate farming has taken over in America. I’m not sure but I do know that food is overpriced in NYC. The reason raising the minimum wage succeeds is encapsulated in a recent visit to a local bar I go sometimes. I met 2 girls who worked at a verizon cell phone store, a job that does not pay well. They said that when the minimum wage went up in NYC they got a raise from $9 to $14 and that was enough so that they could now meet friends, who worked in other low paying jobs who also got raises, out for drinks one night a week. Good for the economy of NYC, good for the bar who has had to buy more beer, liquor, soap, hand towels, glasses, cleaning supplies, etc..The bar also had to hire another bartender for busier shifts, and the business is now able to pay their staff more who now have more money to spend themselves. The reason minimum wage increases work in cities is because what I just described happening to the bar, is duplicated thousands of times a day. The bottom line is that when you give those with limited means more, it helps the economy.

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