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Inspired by their travels and Pan-African style cues, Trevor Stuurman, Velma Rossa, Kwena Baloyi, Daniel Quist, Yayra Agbofoah, and Rochelle Nembhard are the true ones to watch

This week the world will be fixated on all things NYFW. From the shows to the parties all things fly and fashionable will be on deck in the city that never sleeps. While we’re definitely watching the runways and celebrating black models, designers, and artists who have earned their place in the design worlds upper echelon — we’re sneakily getting our inspo from our favorite continental nomads whose style, ingenuity, and distinct Africa-forward approach to aesthetic intrigues us in a way that is both aspirational and attainable…

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

Thursdays are the unofficial start of the weekend in Johannesburg. The city begins to creep into an energetic buzz as Friday approaches and thoughts of rendezvous and gin and tonic’s occupy the minds of most. If you’re in town for work and want to partake in the vibes without questioning your life choices First Thursdays — South Africa’s monthly open art crawl — is the ideal vibe. …

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

Soweto with its vibrant culture and rich history has become a hub for tourists and Joburg natives alike. There’s many ways to explore the area but I think the most exciting way is on a bicycle. There’s few better feelings than feeling the wind tickle your face as you cruise down the streets.

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

When in Ghana, do as the Ghanaians do!

If you thought Africa was all about traditional dance and lacked a sense of TURN UP, then you’ve got to think again!

We’re all about that Ghanaian dance vibe and our ‘Chale, Turn Up’ playlist emphasizes this to the core! However, in order for us to fully turn up to the playlist, getting rid of those two left feet is vital! Set some motion in our hips to get moving like Ghanaians effortlessly do.

To get this moving, we’ve identified 5 Ghanaian dances that we think are worth perfecting before anyone’s next…

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

In case you didn’t know Nana Kwabena is the hitmaker behind some of our favorite artists i.e. Jidenna, Janelle Monae, and John Legend among others. He also happens to be a good friend of Tastemakers Africa.

Most recently we got to share a day with Nana and some of the Fear and Fancy crew testing our new experiences in Johannesburg — shout out to Ponte City — and doing an impromptu Ginger Beer Crawl.

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to keep your earbuds ready for your next trip and your dance moves in order. …

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

If we were to talk about the most original way of celebrating Easter, we would talk about the Ethiopian Orthodox Easter period. While Easter for most people is widely recognised from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday, in Ethiopia the commemoration goes back much further with 55 days of fasting and remembrance.

No matter what your faith, a look inside this countries unique way of celebrating a major holiday around the world is sure to be interesting. We rounded up five Ethiopian photographers to share what Ethiopian Orthodox Easter means for their country and how it is celebrated among different communities…

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

A trip to Ethiopia should almost always be planned around one of the country’s major holidays. Whether you are traveling for work spending time in Addis Ababa or have time to head out to Gondar or Lalibela your time in the only African nation to make Lonely Planet’s top 10 destinations of 2017 will be heightened by witnessing the color, sound, and pilgrimages of an orthodox celebration. Fasika, Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Easter, is the largest one yet and falls this year on April 16, the same day as Easter in the western tradition. While we may not be able to make you an instant expert, our handy infographic will help you have the basics covered as you plan your trip to an enchanting destination.

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

Sometimes an institution becomes so popular in mainstream consciousness that we declare it “over” or commercialized. In some ways this has happened to Mzoli’s the Gugulethu Braai house owned by it’s namesake Mzoli Ngcawuzele that is now visited by tour buses and local denizens alike. However no amount of foreign influx or film crew can deny the cultural bastion that remains on Road 115 in a township that is known for being “about that life” after dark.

The owner who has suffered his own fair share of hardships, continues to be a force in his community yielding the power of…

Accra | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Product Updates | Experiences

Sometimes people use the words “boutique hotel” to represent small, low amenity foolery that excuses it being otherwise not great. Other times, “boutique hotel” is used in all the right ways, special touches, a dose of history, and true connection — The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel is the latter and we can’t get enough of this corner of wonderful in Diani Beach, Kenya.

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