My good friend Aleksey told me about this way of working called “Pain Driven Development” and I loved the name hahaha. At times something is so laborious to do that you search for ways to speed up your day or you suffocate in boredom. One of the latest for me was waiting for GCM to deliver messages to a device. I had to fix something related to notification and… well, notifications just wouldn’t appear!

My first alternative was to find a way to send notifications directly to the device, getting rid of the whole backend part. It worked... kind of…

Various projects are starting to use Kotlin as their default language as more people are finding out about it and loving it — and it is still beta (Beta 4 as the time of writing). This just reinforces the good job JetBrains is doing. But I didn’t write this to sell you Kotlin, I wrote this to show how we improved our code with niceties from this language.

I wanted to write a bit about my personal experience using Kotlin in Android — describing how some things change, others become easier and some harder. Tell you it’s not so different…


Developer, sometimes writer, sometimes funny

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