Why Tentacle Porn is the Last Chapter of Human Civilization
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I don’t understand your complaint. If you’re trying to assert that virtual porn with physical devices is going to bring innovation to a standstill, I invite you to reflect on the irony that you’re making this complaint on the internet; a medium which has always been pushed forward by leaps and bounds in the quest for better pornograpy.

Regardless of if you choose to admit it or not, many of the innovations that allow you to have such an awesome internet experience today were provided to you via porn. Video streaming technology, browser-client interaction techniques, bandwidth limiting and compression, et cetera, all come from the demand to have faster, easier to access, better looking porn.

The result of this has absolute impact on our daily lives. What the internet has become allows the world to be connected, informed and assisted in ways that we couldn’t have dreamed possible ten years ago. As a quick example: we’re now living in a time where we can perform life saving surgery from across vast distances via high speed internet and high quality video streaming (two of the many industries where porn has a strong and vested interest).

If the next generation of porn innovation has to do with virtual or augmented reality and connected physical devices to improve haptic feedback it’s really all for the best. Let them push that industry to the next level and in ten years we can all reflect on the amazing things that we couldn’t even dream of right now.

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