Why content sharing might just be good for business.
Sarah Hinchliff Pearson

I've actually opted to use Creative Commons for my content sharing needs out of laziness and simplicity. Funny thing is I discovered that first after beginning to use the license both when creating content using others work and then when publishing the resultst.

The more I have gotten used to not have to bother with the previous tedious task of coming to an agreement with the copyright owner, or worry about policing my own stuff, the more free in creativity I have become.

The simplicity defaulting to an open license, such as Creative Commons, that is being endorsed by new and old organisations every day is liberating. I know the game rules and so does an increasing number of people around the globe.

Sure, I know my content is going to be misused by some but that risk is simply not worth the energy bothering about. Not when the license at the same time help make even more see the rational and benefits it brings.

While Open Source help us credit the origins, Open Sharing tells the world we can focus more on creating the right kind of change.

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