Why don’t FB create a partner program like youtube?

  1. Incentive in using the social media:
    Media in diff forms could be uploaded onto FB like photos, short or long videos, or as simple as a word. When compared with youtube, which requires you to upload videos, FB is less time-consuming. In this way, the incentive in using FB is higher than that of youtube. So it is not necessarily for FB company to launch a partner program so as to attract new users or current ones to post more often.
  2. Privacy issue
    FB has long been criticesed for exposing users’ personal info. Imagine if users with (let’s say) 10k likes will be rewarded, how would the money be paid by the FB company? FB needs additional personal info like bank accounts. But are we all willing to provide? As far as i know, there is heated debate over the privacy issue of FB and some users even decided to quit FB for the sake of security. But for youtube, i have not heard of any similar news. So even if the program is launched, it might not be very attractive to the users, at least some. FB company may find it redundant.

cant think of other reasons at the moment :P haha get back to it when i come up with new ideas