Amazing 10 Incredible Hiking Trails in Utah

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Mar 8, 2018 · 2 min read

We know a little snow has never stopped you from hitting the trails and if you find yourself in Utah this winter, you are in luck! Everyone knows Utah has some of the greatest skiing and snowboarding terrain on Earth, but if you’re more of an uphill winter explorer or you just want a break from the resorts, a snowy hike is just what the doctor ordered. Depending on the conditions, you may need snowshoes for some of these hikes and even more importantly, be sure you’re being safe. Anytime you’re exploring the mountains during the winter, be aware of avalanche conditions and educate yourself on proper avalanche safety.

1.Hike the Peek-a-Boo Loop in Bryce Canyon

This 5 mile hike begins at an elevation of 8000' at the Navajo Loop trailhead at Sunset Point. The view from the lookout of Sunset Point is only just a small taste of the sweeping vistas you will see on the hike. From Sunset Point follow the sign for the Navajo Trail and begin descending into a sea of towering spires and pinnacles. You will have great views of the famous Thor’s Hammer on the way down. Shortly after passing Thor’s Hammer you will descend even further and faster via a series of steep switchbacks.

2. Hike to Upper Bridal Veil Falls

Coming from Provo, at about 2.5 miles make a right hand turn for Nunn’s Park/ Bridal Veil. Go straight through the intersections and pass Bridal Veil Falls (on your right) and continue until you see a park on your right (Upper Falls Park). Park here and cross the bridge over the creek and then follow the trail that goes up behind the concrete structure. The trail branches off to the left but just continue straight up. It is just about a 15 minute walk until you are at the bottom of the falls. You can also reach the trailhead walking if you are at Bridal Veil Falls.

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