Saturday March 19th, 2016

All has gone well with my TAPS Fundraiser! The weather was cool but the sun was out the entire time! I woke up feeling anxious for the day. I had to work until 12 and the fundraiser began at 1. I got off at 11:40 and sped home.

I had packed everything into my parents suburban on Friday and just had a few more things to prepare before I made the trip down to the dog park. I could feel my adrenaline racing as I knew of all the planning I had done was finally going to unfold today. The last item I put in the car was my dog Zoe and down we went! Once we were there I felt how stressed out I was with all this planning and preparing. My judges for the contest were there early as I told them to do and explained what their job would be fro the day. At 12.53 everything was ready now all we had to do was wait..

I looked at my clock again, 1:01 and no one was here. I felt my heart panic but it was still early. We had a few small dogs arrive which made me feel better. I wanted all my hard work to pay off for this fundraiser.

Judges: Kyla, Tracy & Torrey

Then once it was closer to 1:20 cars began to pull up, one by one. I felt myself smile. People are actually showing up! I had a lot of help from these ladies above. My judges helped keep me calm and moving forward during the fundraiser. I couldn’t be happier with the results of that day.

Overall I believe we had 15–20 dogs show up to our fundraiser but probably 30–40 people come to support the fundraiser. It was incredible to me how much people care for dogs and want to help raise money for shelters.

Derrick and his dog, Maggie

Glen and his dog, Gus

Me and Taya

Kenze and I are going down to TAPS sometime next week to delivery the donations we received from so many dog loving people! Thank you to everyone who came!

Taylor A. Smith

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