How to understand when people are lying to you

Unfortunately, we cannot imagine our world and society without lies. We lie every day, and the ability to bring a person to the clean water is useful to everyone. We conferred and came up with seven ways to help you understand what a person really is. Would you like to try an experiment? Try telling people only the truth, even strangers. To the end of day you will see how difficult that is and maybe you will receive some negative energy. As a result, this world will never live without lies. Anyway, you can save yourself from liars, following useful tips how to reveal the liar.

How to distinguish the liar

Watch a person in critical situation. When person must act in critical situations, he can’t be cunning. He can’t use his mask, so he will be directed by his instincts. In such way, it is very easy to see who the person really is.

Take into account his attitude to servicing personnel. When a person is polite to you, but rude to waiters, this is a worth thinking point. This is a characteristic of double-faced insincere person.

Watch his intonations or gestures. You can see the true colors of people following different characteristics. When person makes pauses, turns his eyes, tries to change the subject, absence of using gestures (liar is afraid of being revealed), apologizes all the time even if you don’t accuse of him, touching his face. Many things can help to see the liar. Sometimes, you shouldn’t rely on some gestures, because it can be only habits.

Gossip about someone you both know. We love gossiping more or less. Moreover, unfortunately, we often do not know the measures in them. Gossiping about familiar people, you will see with your own eyes how much shit can result from a seemingly good person.

Take a trip together. That’s extreme way to know person better. Spending some period of time in a trip you can see person’s disadvantages.

Tell him a secret. Evidently, you don’t have to tell the real secret, then you can see how this person can keep your secret and is it possible to rely on this person.

Disadvantages of lie detector. That is quite disputable thing, but this is quite widespread in police, courts etc. To be honest, this device can read the level of stress while somebody asks tested person the provocative questions. It’s just that innocent people can experience strong emotions because they are suspected of something and are being checked on the detector. However, as you know, this does not affect the sales level of this expensive equipment, unfortunately.

Remember one golden rule, how much you want to catch the liar, do not jump off the deep end, do not try to press on the person and make hasty conclusions. It is necessary to see several gestures that give out lies to say that the person is insincere. Remember that your opponent can always be trivial to scratch his neck or he caught a draft in a car and now he suffers from cough.