Top-8 extinct animals we should regret about

When we hear the phrase “extinct animals”, we immediately imagine dinosaurs, mammoths or saber-toothed tigers. But the extinction process is permanent. Here are 10 species of animals that we lost only in the last decades. Maybe reading this article you will see human silliness and that’s results. As we know, the most dangerous animal is a human…

West black rhino

This subspecies, like all other rhinoceroses, was the victim of a stupid, superstitious superstition about the miraculous power of their horns. Until now, in Chinese medicine, the rhinoceros horn is classified as possessing antipyretic and cleansing properties and is used to treat fevers. Even though, according to scientific research, there is no curative effect in the horn of the rhinoceros.

Javanese tiger

These species lived on Indonesian island Java, but they became extinct because of agriculture development. The last place where they were found was the highest mountain of the island.

River dolphins

This is one of the rarest mammals in the world. These kind of dolphins lived in China rivers. Till 1990 people knew about 200 individuals. In 2007 it was officially announced about the total extinction of these subspecies.

Caribbean monk seal

That was the only one seal living in Caribbean Sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Like other seals, these animals lived on the coast. They were killed because of their own behavior: non-aggressive and curious. In addition, they were not at all afraid of man. As it turned out they should have been: the animals were hunted for fat, as well as they were killed by fishermen, thinking that they were eating their catch. In 2008 these animals were announced extinct.

Pyrenean Ibex

The last of the subspecies of the Pyrenean Ibex died from an accident: it was crushed by a fallen tree. Scientists took a sample of his DNA, and in 2009 they tried to create a clone of Capricorn. Unfortunately, the cloned cub died shortly after birth due to various congenital defects.

Kangaroo rat

It is curious that this species was declared extinct twice, once in 1840 and again in 1994. Marsupial looked like a rat, but jumped like a kangaroo. Most scientists believe that the desert kangaroo rat died out in 1840, but several dead specimens were found in the 1980s.

Schomburgk’s deer

This species of deer lived in Thailand, it was named after a man who described it first. They began to die out because of forests transformations into rice fields. It was considered to be extinct, but in 1990 the horns of this deer was found, so the hope some of them are alive remain.

Japanese wolf Hokkaido

This subspecies were living in Japan. Native people had never hunted these animals because they believed it’s noble animal bringing luck. But when the country was open to Western world, most coming people started the hunting for these wolves. Hokkaido wolves became extinct in XIX century, only some stuffed animals remained around the world.