Your Table Tennis life

Organize your table tennis enterprise

If you are in table tennis you belong to several organizations already. The table tennis association. A training group in your club. A series league team. Perhaps you are a part of a strong table tennis family. Regardless, you need to take responsibility for your own table tennis organization. Your ranking or age doesn’t matter.

You have your individual strategic action plan. If not written down, you have some kind of plan in your head. You have your own dreams, vision, and goals. You have most probably thought about your own route to success. Take charge of this. It is your responsibility to lead yourself towards your goals. You need to manage yourself and your plan. Otherwise, you can’t reach your goals and your dreams won’t come true. It is your job to manage your strategy, not someone else’s.

Few people can manage solely on their own. Humans are social beings. You are not strong alone. You need other people to support you in reaching your goals. You are dependent on others, at the same time as you are independent. You should be interdependent. Create mutually beneficial relationships with others.

Form your own virtual organization, and take the lead on this. It comprises your club coaches and your best training partners. Some of your family members, colleagues or classmates, and friends are part of it as well. Even people you pay for — if you are serious and resourceful enough. They all belong to your organization supporting you in reaching your goals. It is not enough to only be self-organized. You need to lead this virtual organization.

Leadership is to influence, direct and coordinate the people of your organization. You may have a very strong parent or a very strong club coach. It does not change anything. Embrace their commitment to you, it’s only positive. Be strong yourself and exercise leadership.

Of course, all your table tennis pals should do the same, and you will be a part of their virtual organization. Interdependence.

This is a good mindset to have if you want to succeed and if you are serious about your table tennis. Don’t let other’s lead you. Take the initiative. Also, it is a good opportunity to practice your management and leadership skills.

Look around, and do some research on top performers in any field of the world. It could be in business, sports, arts-music-film, or academics. Then you’ll find that all these top performers are working incredibly hard for their success. But you’ll also find that they are strong managers. They have extraordinary knowledge and skills in planning, organizing, leading and controlling. They are not lucky. They have developed a strong character. They know what they want and they have courage and commitment. They have built confidence. They have worked hard with communication. They have worked hard to learn and understand. They have worked hard on their personality. They have developed skills, not only in their field of specialty but also in management. They all have their own virtual organization that supports them, which they lead. Be like them.

Start with defining your individual strategic action plan for table tennis. Use interdependence and good management as your mindset. Then, form your own table tennis organization. Lead it towards your goal fulfillment and success. Don’t forget to support others with their strategy and their goals.

Then, apply this thinking also to the rest of your life, outside of table tennis.