Pimples on the brain

Sometimes I hear people saying…

Sometimes I hear people saying “Those who play with pips-out rubbers do it because they cannot play table tennis.” Then I say, “Those who can play table tennis have no problem playing against pimpled rubbers. It’s all of you others I win against.”

Sometimes I hear people saying that rubbers having the pimples facing out, or pips-out rubbers if you like, should be banned, forbidden at competitions. Then I think they must be people who lack curiosity, who do not want to understand, and who lack a willingness to develop as a player.

Sometimes I hear people saying it’s tiresome to play against pimples. And sure it’s tiresome to lose. And tiresome to be forced to think, to use the brain. Okay, sure, I can agree there isn’t often the kind of fast counter-attack rallies or loop-to-loop game that you might think is fun, but instead a more dynamic game with fast shifts in spin and pace, as well as placement. It obviously differs, what people think is fun. I enjoy myself when I succeed with my tactical approach.

Sometimes I see people become frustrated playing against pimples. Really frustrated — so much they cannot control themselves and their behavior. It is sad to see. For the kids it’s okay — it is part of their necessary school of life. But for the grown-ups — it’s painful, embarrassing.

I have sometimes myself a problem playing against opponents with pips-out rubbers, despite knowing how it works, theoretically, and despite playing with pimples myself. But I know I can only blame myself and no one else. Knowledge is not the same as skills. To develop my skills I just have to practice — it is merely a matter of finding a good training partner and endure many hours of hard pimples training.

That I play with “material” has to do with my strategy. I’m becoming more competitive, and it is easier for me to reach my goals when I play with a long pimpled rubber sheet on one side of my racket. S T R A T E G Y is king. I don’t care what people say. Anymore.