Table Tennis Match Checklist

To be checked for every Table Tennis match

Tick off the below checklist before each table tennis match.

My body is ready

[ ] My entire body is warm 
[ ] My pulse got up high, to lower my tension to the right level (= I am not too nervous) 
[ ] I have stretched after warming up, so I can play relaxed, reach fast balls, and reduce the risk of injury 
[ ] I have warmed up all the main strokes with a partner at the table so that the brain’s control system has adjusted in

My mind is ready

[ ] This match is important and I will try to win
[ ] I believe in myself and my ability
[ ] I have my tactics ready — I have an idea of ​​how to play against this particular opponent

I have everything with me

[ ] Racket/Paddle/Bat (and a spare one next by) 
[ ] Water bottle (filled with water) 
[ ] Towel 
[ ] My number tab is visible and fastened as it should
[ ] My shoes are tied properly

I have the right attitude

[ ] I will show respect to everyone 
[ ] I do not have respect for any opponent 
[ ] I know it can be difficult 
[ ] I’ll fight into the last ball 
[ ] I’m doing my best 
[ ] This will be fun! 
[ ] I don’t care what others think 
[ ] I cannot lose, just win or learn
[ ] I will consider each point as a separate match
[ ] I will be active and do all I can to take the command and control the game
[ ] I will control my emotions and feelings and behave professionally
[ ] I will not show negative emotions that the opponent can exploit tactically 
[ ] I will control my thoughts, and not think about consequences during the match
[ ] I’ll think of the next point, and how I’ll win it
[ ] I will plan technically (game systems) and tactically between the points (and not be thinking during the rallies) 
[ ] I will update my tactics between the games, after analyzing my and the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses
[ ] I know that every downside can be reversed, nothing is impossible, only harder
[ ] I’ll listen to my coach
[ ] If I do not understand or agree with the coach, I do the way I think it works best
[ ] I will not be passive at the beginning of any next game 
[ ] I will focus, concentrated, on each point 
[ ] I am going to enjoy playing this match!