An unfulfilled dream that proved to be a blessing in disguise

Yes the above picture clearly depicts our present state of mind. A lucid dream that right now we are not able to achieve a bit after chasing it for so long. In this, my very first blog, I would like to share with you all, one incident that happened while we were completely absorbed in the pursuit of CANADIAN dream and how it proved to be a game changer.

How it all started

We have been longing to move to Canada for quite some time now. I would say for about two years. Me and my partner both have required educational qualifications, our IELTS score is also good but due to age factor and my wife not having required work experience, we are not able to meet the minimum threshold score (CRS). We both have enrolled ourselves in the express entry pool but to no avail. Earlier I used to keep a close watch on every draw that held in the past hoping someday CRS score will come down. Sometimes, I dreamed of getting nominated by any of the provinces there.Which, unfortunately, had not happened till date. This resulted in frustration as well. This I guess is human psychology, we tend to get irritated when we don’t get what we want. I could not take advantage of the opportunities that came my way in office as well thinking that shortly I will be moving from here( to Canada). Poor me!

My wife, as I just explained doesn’t have any work experience. This was our mutual decision that one of us can stay at home to look after the kids since I get handsomely paid. Money was never a concern. Things were getting along well till the time we decided to move to Canada. Her CRS score is better than me as she is more qualified than me, younger than me and her IELTS score is better than me making her a more suitable candidate for a PR(Permanent Resident). Now came the biggest hurdle she doesn’t have work experience. What do we do now? We started exploring various options to get a PR: studying abroad, investment, sponsorship. Actually, we left no stone unturned.

Our only hope, I hope it works

We decided that she would start working as a teacher in a school that she agreed on. But, I always knew this will not be the right job for her. She has a creative bent of mind and she is a voracious reader. She can do justice to every job assigned to her but then how can her inner artist be revealed. Then,one day while scrolling down my Linkedin account I came across a job requirement. And this was for the post of a technical content writer. I suggested her that you should apply for this post. This is the kind of job that best suits your taste and aptitude. She initially said no, and urged how can I do this job. I haven’t stepped out of the house for work till date. After repeated attempts she finally agreed to visit the firm. These thirteen years of staying at home considering kids, family first priority has tarnished her self confidence. She had always dreamed of wearing an ID card to work. Only I know, what she is capable of!

It finally happened and it happened when we were not expecting this at all

God, I believe in you

It’s almost two months now that she FINALLY started her career as a content writer. What confidence, what happiness she feels. I always knew she is a gem and all she needed was a break to unlock her potential. And that too with flexible timings. So, she is able to manage home and work well. What else one can wish for! She has been doing really good at work and at home as well. If we didn’t face this problem, I don’t think we would have done anything about our this dream(my wife starting her career).This dream was there for years locked inside her heart much much older than our CANADIAN dream. As it is said, everything that happens, happens for good. Now we are trying really hard for our unfulfilled dream and sooner or later we will definitely chalk out a way to Canada. To recapitulate, I would say that this hurdle came as a blessing in disguise.

I know a lot of people might have dealt with these kinds of hurdles in their life what seems to us as bitter trials but are often blessings in disguise! Do share yours life changing stories. I believe we learn from each other’s experiences because everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.