Basic Features That Mobile Phones for Old People Must Possess

With the advancement in technology many changes take place in the sphere of communication every now and then. It is true that these changes are appreciated by all yet the ones who can adapt to these are the youngsters and the middle aged. People who fall in the category of old people strong feel that these changes are nothing but a burden. Every time something new comes up they get stressed about having a need to learn something new.

TTfone mercury 2 with big button mobile phone for old people with simple unlocked sim free mobile for people who have impaired vision.

It is true that old people do not need to buy things that are in vogue but stick to those that are familiar for them to use. However, the era of globalization has left no vent for these types of attitude either. There is a diverse range of old people, some who require no phone at all and others who require video calling features to talk to their kids who are miles apart. They therefore need to change with the need of the time.

These handsets that are appropriate for the use of the old people must have certain features. These features are as follow:

1. These should be easy to carry and therefore must be light in weight. The body of the phone should be such that even if it falls from their hand there is not much damage to the phone or the screen.

2. The user interface of these phones must be simple. The procedure to lock and unlock the screen must be easy. The interface should be made custom.

3. With weak and falling eyesight it is already very difficult for the elderly people to focus on the screen. Additionally typing at their age is a cumbersome task. Therefore a phone should be such that the icons are big enough for the elderly people to locate on the screen.

Many phones that have been released over the time have been able to fulfill the demands of all the age groups accept for the elderly people. Nobody bothered to think for their relief or welfare. In such a case there are not many but at least two prominent ones who have realized the same from the viewpoint of the elderly people, they are Philips and Mitashi. The two brands in the gone by days have released certain models that fulfill the requirement for senior citizens.

The Android smart phone Mitashi Play Senior Friend and the feature phone Philips Xenium X2566 are two such models that fulfill the requirement of old people. They have some things that are common. To list a few are the simplified interfaces, large, easy to read buttons, and an SOS button for emergencies. These are perfect for the people who are old enough not to find comfort in using the iPhone. These features available in the two handsets make them perfect for the old people as they do not have to face any sort of undue inconvenience because of the factors like poor hearing ability or the eye sight.