Buy and Give Them for Easy Application

You no need to worry about your parent’s insufficient knowledge to use smart phone as they can buy best one elderly phone among several up to their preference. They may feel that calling is just enough for achieving with a phone. There are some phones which no need any contract or cancellation fee. They offer large print, speed dial and high volume levels for older ears.

• Jitterbug From Great Call:

Two models made by Samsung are named as Jitterbug5 flip phone and smart phone Jitter by Toucbh3. They both have bright color screen. The former one has yes or no navigation system. It is also suitable for urgent situations. It will connect the user to doctor via phone for 24 hours in 7 days. Great call care giver app will make adult child log onto smart phone or computer to ensure their situation. Parent can check the place of presence of children via GPS. It is just available at rate of $99. It is possible with both red and blue colors. Service plans range from $14.99 per month to $49.99 with text options. Both former phone Jitterbug5 and latter phone Jitterbug touch 3 have one time set up fee.

  • Doro Phone Easy 626 From Consumer Cellular:

Black raised buttons on white background will make it easier to see and dial. One can just look at or send photos or text.
One has to just push the emergency help button on the back and elderly phone will alert the user or contact. It uses GPS technology to track out the location. It is enriched with video recording.

• Snapfon ezTWO:

It is also called cell phone for seniors. There will be an extra SOS emergency alert option and also 24 hour monitoring service. You have to just hold down the emergency button on back and you will hear a sound from phone about long press. If the user presses the button, it will send a typed text to contacts.
Though there is more number of phones on the market, seniors want to use phone which are easiest to use. They no need to bother about this issue with aforementioned phones. Apart from all other features, battery is the most important feature of a phone. If a phone’s battery life is strong, then it is said to be perfect for use. All other things are secondary. While a phone can withstand charge for long time, user no needs to worry about charging often. In this way, all mentioned phones are capable of withholding charge for long time. If you really feel that your parents or grandparents have no knowledge about using a smart phone, just buy the big buttons phone and give them. These phones will fulfill as per their demand. They can just feel satisfied with an elderly phone as they are completely eligible to fulfill their preference is using phones as contacts and texts. These are the advantages of big buttons phones and these are the reasons why elder people prefer them.

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