Address Change

On this journey we call life we will travel through many routes, streets, avenues, highways and byways towards our ultimate destination. You see I traveled along MAYBE street for a very long time, I went to and from on SELF DOUBT highway and always ended up right back home to DISAPPOINTMENT lane and SAME RESULTS drive. I lived in the state of FEAR right in the county of COMFORT ZONE.

I would often forget what day it was because my days always seemed the same because I never had much to look forward to except routine. My existence on the earth felt like a broken record that repeated itself over and over again. The thing was I knew there was more to my life than just merely existing. Every day was world war 3 between my heart and my mind, my heart said “YES IT’S POSSIBLE’ but my mind said “NO YOU’RE NOT WORTHY”. The reminders of my failures would echo through the hallways of mind so loudly. I just knew that I deserved to be just where I was. For the longest time I stayed in mental captivity. My guilt was the accuser and my conscious was the judge, jury and executioner.

It hit a point to where I couldn’t take it anymore, the dreams of me not reaching my fullest potential started to overcome me. I wanted to be the man I knew my parents raised me to be. I knew I needed a change. I had to make a change in my life for the better, I had to make a move. Dying with unused and untapped potential inside of me was no longer an option. Maximizing my opportunities in life started becoming my only option. Opportunities for love, prosperity and success became my vice. From now on I travel through FAITH highway to get my destinations. I reside in the state of PURPOSE and I live in the county of FULFILLMENT. I love pulling up to my new address on DREAM avenue and BELIEVE street.

Life is GOOD.