I NEVER have goals
Yann Girard

I almost completely disagreed with you…until I got to the end of your article…you call it a “theme,” lots of others, including myself, call it the “end.” or keeping the end goal in mind. You wouldn’t start sailing a boat around the world without some sense of direction or initial coordinates, but to your point, to many people get hung up on the “means” rather than the end game.

And most people have the “means” but have no clue ON WHERE THEY WANT TO END UP. That was one of the biggest lessons I learned this year.

I don’t care if I have to be a janitor emptying trash if it was my means to acquiring $10mm in liquid net worth…but chances are, it will not, unless I owned the company….plus I wouldn’t like it that much.

So the key is finding something that you love, and great at, and then figure out a way to make the money u want.

That’s the key. Reverse engineer your life based on where you want to end up. Then let life take you there. Be decisive, make decisions quickly, but deliberately, and don’t be afraid to quickly change directions at the drop of a hat, IF that’s what the market calls for.

Which is pretty much what you were saying, no?

“who moved my cheese?” is a great example…

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