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Where Are the Democrats?

Foolish Rhetoric

As disheartening as it has been to watch the unfolding of the current immigration mess, it is equally shocking to observe the Democrat’s fumbling around to devise a response. Sen. Richard Blumenthal compared the separation of children from their parents at the border to the trains loaded with Jews being taken to their deaths in concentration camps by the Nazis during WWII. What a shameless and incendiary remark. While the border situation is another national embarrassment perpetrated by the Trump Administration, there is no comparison between these situations. Sen. Blumenthal should apologize for these remarks immediately. How sad a character he has become.

More of the Same

We also have Rep. Ted Lieu playing the infamous tape of the separated children crying for all to hear on the floor of Congress — another act of political grandstanding by the Democrats. Then we have the picture of the crying girl who was just crying, not separated from her mother as reported. What a beautiful job of reinforcing Trump’s claim of “Media Bias” and more importantly “Fake News”. Great job main street media.

Maxine Again

To make matters worse, we have Rep. Maxine Waters calling on anti-Trump people to harass and intimidate member of the President’s administration. This is a very dangerous course to set and Rep. Waters should also apologize and be reprimanded by Nancy Pelosi and other colleagues for her inflammatory words. Everyone deserves to be able to go to a movie or enjoy a dinner out with friends and family without this “goon” treatment. Rep. Waters would be quite upset if a group of militant Trump supporters started following her around jeering and name calling.

Why the Nonsense?

Let’s be honest. The real reason for the feigned outrage and aggressive bluster is to try to conceal the fact that this Democratic Party is completely devoid of substance. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been at the helm for way too long and need immediate replacement. This is true not only for the good of their party by also for the preservation of our nation.

Instead of all the showmanship, why have the Democrats not offered up a reasonable course of action on immigration? Instead of blaming the mean old Republicans for not including them in crafting legislation, where is their alternative bill to actually fix something, anything? It’s much easier to blame the opposition party than take responsibility for their own inaction. How about presenting a fully fleshed out compromise bill that could pass with minimal support?


What is the true and official position on immigration of the Democratic Party? A compromise will be necessary to make even incremental progress.

1) Why do the Democrats seem “wishy washy” on border security? DHS officials have already stated that they need a combination of technology, manpower, and physical barriers. Why not fund a secure border?

2) Do we even know if terrorists are among those slipping across the border illegally? How about gang members? This is a legitimate concern for all of us.

3) What are Democrats willing to accept in a deal that will solve the DACA issue once and for all? These young people deserve a resolution.

4) How many people can we absorb each year and from what countries? How do we determine eligibility?

What Do the People Want?

From polling data it seems that most Americans want the border secured but not a 2,000 mile wall. They agree immigration is good for the country. They want the DACA kids protected and living successful lives here to be able to stay. There is also a preference for skills based immigration. We know that the less skilled people arrive with the same drive and spirit to make it here that previous generations of newcomers had.

The Sad Truth

Unfortunately, the Schumer, Pelosi, and Perez team offer not one, single concrete position other than opposing Trump’s wall. Once again we see that the same two brains do all of the thinking and decision making for 230 plus Democrats in Congress. Every one of us should be infuriated by this conscious stifling of individual representation in favor of a monolithic voting block.

The Trump Strategy

Here in New Mexico during our recent primaries for our congressional seats, the buzzword for each candidate was “Trump”. Of course, the Republicans all pledged to “Stand with President Trump”. The Democrats offered the same lukewarm platform of environment, healthcare, and clean energy without going into any detail. Yet, the clear message blasted over and over was the promise to “Fight Trump” or “Stand Up to Trump”. In order to avoid taking hard policy stands or offer real solutions to our problems the party fell back to being anti-Trump as if that is enough reason to elect them.

This seems to echo the Schumer/Pelosi philosophy of delay and obstruct hoping President Trump will fall on his face and the Democrats will return to power by default. Guess what? Donald Trump is impervious to this strategy! If the economy continues to grow and the Democrats offer no real alternative, we will have six more years of chaos. There is the appearance that the President is trying to get something done, no matter how misguided. All the Democrats offer is self-righteous indignation about the President’s latest tweet or statement.

A Warning

Instead of looking at America as a whole and developing a solid plan for the future, the Democrats spend a lot of time pandering to our Hispanic community apparently thinking that this growing population is their ticket to power. Hispanic voters should pause and take a good look at Democratic handling of immigration. Since the President ended DACA, how many times have the Democrats brought it up in Congress? Immigrants for El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras and Sudan are all losing their temporary protected status. Many of these people are long-term residents here in similar circumstances to the DACA kids. Why is there no legislative relief for these deserving people?

The reason is that the Democrats are delaying things so as to try to use the plight of these poor people as a political hammer against the Republicans. They have been reduced to pawns in a Washington power chess game. At least Republicans no longer try to conceal their disdain for immigrants. We all know where they stand. It’s worse for political party to use this fear and uncertainty to their advantage in this way. Unfortunately, we have two parties with absolutely no scruples or moral compass.

It seems that the time is ripe for the formation of a new, 3rd party — a party of independent, smart, and motivated people not interested in long-term power who might energize our nation. We could show the old parties that we want action and solutions instead of cycling power back and forth with no work being done. Let’s make this a reality and not just a dream. And scare the hell out of the Democrats and Republicans.