Blockchain is becoming part of the establishment as governments around the world find ways to apply it.

While Bitcoin continues to dominate the headlines, breaking records and bursting bubbles, there is a quieter but equally powerful move in the background to find new uses for blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin.

It is moving away from its anti-establishment flavor, with proponents wanting independence from central control, to becoming part of the establishment. Companies such as IBM and Microsoft are selling it, and major banks and stock exchanges are buying. The Nasdaq has its own blockchain called Linq. It stores and vouches…

Good news amidst the gloom: two big believers in crypto, a look at cashless societies and one ICO escapes sec ban

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Is now the time to invest in blockchain and bitcoin — top investors

Source: CCN, Fox Business, CNN, Coingape, Forbes

Date: 27 November 2018

Digital identity, driven by blockchain technology, can solve global problems around refugees, human trafficking and food programmes. World agencies are taking the lead in testing and proving the technology.

We have written several articles about the importance of identity, and how blockchain offers a way for people to own their sovereign identity. We have looked at start-ups with digital identity solutions and countries experimenting with voting systems.

However, this concept of personally-owned identities registered on a blockchain will remain small and localized until there is widespread acceptance and coordination. …

Voting is open to fraud and manipulation of results. There are potential blockchain solutions for all the steps in the voting process and they are being tested around the world.

Blockchain is being touted as a tool for voting and fraud-free referendums and elections. There might be more need for it than we think.

A CBInsights report titled “How blockchain could secure elections” highlights all the ways that elections can be compromised and suggests how blockchain can be a solution. There also have been some practical attempts at using blockchain for real elections and referendums, with varying degrees of success.

SEC ruling could bankrupt ICOs. Is crypto dead or are there others reasons for the crypto crash?

Here are some stories you might find interesting — and the links to find out more about them.

The SEC’s ruling gives a reason for ICOs to pause.

Civic, Evernym and uPort are start-ups that believe in the right of individuals to own their identities. Here is an overview of their blockchain-based solutions for identity management.

Our previous article on identity management described how it is possible to lose control of our identity. It highlighted the concepts of self-sovereign identity and trust and showed how blockchain solutions are providing a way for us to regain our privacy and reclaim our identity.

Read: How to use blockchain to reclaim our identity

This article describes the approaches taken by three start-ups to set up self-sovereign identities.

In following articles, we…

Proving who you are, protecting your details from criminals, sharing your data, keeping some information private, have always been part of life. But the digital world has magnified our risk of losing control of these activities. Blockchain may provide some solutions for identity management.

Perhaps you’re surprised to hear that you don’t own your identity? How could anyone take away your identity?

This is the first in a series of articles about the management of personal and digital identity. It will outline what the problem is and give an introduction to how blockchain technology may provide some solutions. …

Stablecoins are stable in the crypto crash; Uzbekistan shows its crypto-friendliness; Ripple and the IMF are on the same page

Here are some stories you might find interesting — and the links to find out more about them.

Stablecoins remain stable as everything else crashes.

Source: Bitcoin News, CCN

Date: 15 November 2018

The biggest news this week must surely be the dramatic drop in the price of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). November 14 was the worst trading day of the year. BTC reached its lowest point since October 2017, dipping below $5,600 and losing nearly 13% on the day. …

Supply chain shows that blockchain is not just hype. It has serious practical applications. This is demonstrated by the number of blockchain-driven supply chain projects being implemented by Walmart.

There is probably no business school in the world that does not use Walmart as a case study in how to run a supply chain. So, if they make a radical move to integrate a new technology such as blockchain then surely we should all pay attention.

Walmart’s approach is also a counter to the ongoing skepticism about blockchain and suggestions that it all just so much hype.

In a previous…

Multiple blockchain-based start-ups are proposing ways to solve the problems of traditional e-commerce. We look at some of them to decide how competitive they could be

In our previous two articles on the evolution of retail, we traced the development of giant e-commerce entities like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, and showed how blockchain solutions were changing the rules of how e-commerce operates.

Why blockchain is the next big innovation for e-commerce

5 powerful blockchain solutions that will disrupt e-commerce

In this article, we investigate some of the clever ideas that startups are bringing to the table and consider how competitive…

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