The “Whenthen” epidemy

Have you heard about “Whenthen” ? It’s an epidemic disease that has already destroyed hundreds of millions of lives. It’s particularly spread in the western countries and the main symptoms of the patients are : chronic low energy, sense of lack (money, time…), addictive defense of the rightness of their current choices, struggle with their body, and disconnection from their true desires to name a few. This phenomenon impacts all kinds of individuals except children and people having faced death. The men and women affected by Whenthen interact with others and themselves in an unconscious pattern of “When… (ex : I’ll achieve this), then… (ex : everything will be different)”.
The good news is that it’s curable and various treatments exist :
A — Take a kid as a mentor to teach you how to live
B — Get old (side effects : regrets)
C — Almost die
D — Chose to live fully now

Is now the time ?


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