Continuous Mobile Deployment: A Real Thing That Exists for Real
Stanley Idesis

Great article — coming from someone who works for OutSystems as a Sales Engineer and often having to say “it’s really hard to believe until you see it” — just like any another “evil” Salesperson.

I was also a developer (13+ years of embedded/fimware — so mostly C and assembly — but dabbled on the side with Web apps in HTML/CSS/PHP and mySQL) so when I interviewed with them and had to learn the product over a weekend to pitch it back to them, I was genuinely blown away — because of the amount of time and work it used to take me to do something it did in just a few minutes!

I, like yourself, had always cringed about Hybrid for the exact same reasons. And like yourself, with OutSystems 10, my mindset changed when I realized what they had done on top of our Low-Code (“no barriers” high productivity) selling point: Cross-platform, fully flexible client-side logic and (really fast) UI with React.js and full offline support that handles the updates — as you said — automatically.

It’s crazy awesome stuff. And not because I’m part of the team that has to convince others how awesome it is, but genuinely — like you — from my personal perspective. Unfortunately, the awesomeness also makes it hard to convince others because people won’t believe us — until people like youself post 3rd party reviews and opinions on it. So thank you for that — and for a very witty article as well! I truly enjoyed reading it!

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