Diplomacy or Duplicity

Give Us An American in Whom There Is No Guile

I had an epiphany today. No, not like an out-of-body experience, but a moment in time where it all makes sense; where all the stars align into an outline of crystal clarity.

Oddly it came after reading The Wall Street Journal report that the US Government delivered a cargo-plane full of cash, and in return, Iran released five (5) Americans. Of course all our government officials deny any relationship between the two events, but here’s where the epiphany comes in: it seems that we the people of these United States have become so inured to such “diplomatic” duplicity, that we accept it now without a blink. Like, OK, so it’s a lie…now let’s move on. In other words, it’s a done deal — let it go.

It hasn’t always been this way, and here is where the epiphany began.

Donald Trump makes a statement and it’s grossly out of step with the elusive cultural aether we now consider to be the real America. But this America is in fact composed of so much media “narrative” that it is now detached from all humanity. Not only are Donald’s statement NOT calculated to deceive or to play into the cultural miasma, but unbelievably he won’t back down or retract.

So suddenly, I am filled with outright, undiluted admiration. He said that if his daughter was harassed, he would expect her to move along. This, to me and to millions of others, is only reasonable, but the public “narrative” is relentless in putting this simple father’s statement down to misogynistic hubris. In my view, he simply has confidence in his daughter’s instincts. Nonetheless the media begins and relentlessly pursues the crucifixion — this ethereal and endless “narrative”, devoid of all humanity. It is certainly not intentional on the part of media, it is just one of the realities of contemporary life.

In another example, a man who is an obvious mouthpiece for the Democratic Party makes a pronouncement about Donald and the Constitution, a statement deliberately intended as a bald-faced insult. When Donald calls it an insult, the “narrative” machine again goes into endless ethereal iteration.

I cannot express how freeing it is to know that there is someone out there on the political stage who is not calculating the pollster’s end result, but is simply speaking his mind. We the people of these United States are now so inured to outright lies that we simply say, “OK so it’s a lie, let’s move on.” We accept a Hillary who makes repeated ludicrous untrue statements, one who campaigns with billionaires while pandering to the lowest wage-earners, because she promises everything nice to every-body.

Administrative Abracadaba

So now it’s the day after my epiphany, and we now have Obama’s “official” explanation for the Iranian bail-out: you see we must accept that it was simply a cargo-load of cash because we have no banking relationships with Iran just now. Yeah Right. Do you mean to say that there is no banking mechanism or institutional vehicle that could make a legitimate transaction to ensure just compensation? Surely you must think we the people are infinitely gullible. Evidently this is now the Democratic way to relate to the American public. The philosophy is: You can tell the American public anything as long as it’s already a done deal they can’t do anything about.

What a preposterous position we are now in. Even if WE believe the Iranian transaction wasn’t a ransom, what do the IRANIAN’s believe? With the historic and epic duplicity of the Iranians, surely they KNOW it’s a payoff and will respond accordingly.

I wonder, just who was on the tarmac in Iran to collect such a booty? Where has all that untraceable cash gone now? Did it go to the companies who suffered damage from the supposed sour deal? For my part, I am certain that pile of cash went to a privileged few, and that they are laughing and celebrating right now over the weakness of Americans.

America’s Trump Card

So you may ask how this relates to Trump: He’s been saying all along that we as a country make deals where we get nothing but more debt, and foreign powers take all the benefits. Now I believe it. In fact I don’t doubt that weapons of terror are right now being purchased with that cash money, and plans for new American hostages (a peculiarly Iranian modus operandi) are in the works as we speak.

A Person In Whom There is No Guile

I’m reminded of the scriptural praise: “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile!” Please, please please, give us someone who speaks the truth, no matter how inarticulate or unpopular; one who will not back down even when the most high-minded and eloquent critics pull out all the stops in opposition.

The Democrats promise us a world where every worker (your kid too) makes $15 an hour, where every young person (your kid too) gets a free education, where policemen and urban dwellers never raise arms in error, where every medical bill is paid from a common pool, where women are automatically advanced to high-status position.

These are the promises of Utopians like Mao and Lenin.

Unfortunately, these promises always fail under the light of day, but only after years of heartbreak, lies and corruption. The Soviet Union’s collapse, the Chinese shift to capitalism, the abject poverty of North Korea: all of these are evidence that such ideals are fatally flawed, that life is a struggle, that the poor will always be with us, that injustice will always raise its ugly head in an imperfect world.

Realities are not a TV show; they are the consequence of a brick and morter, mortal world, where people live, laugh, cry and die. No amount of lies will alter the universal baseline of life — a beauty mixed with dark complexity. Hopefully we the people of these United States will see through the Chimera of illusions so professionally presented by billion-dollar budgets, and vote for an America that is built by working men and women, union workers and plumbers, builders and handymen, sinners and saints, teachers and learners — a capitalist country that is unashamed of its heritage of prosperity by hard action, not by administrative pronouncements that require suspension of personal accountability.