What is The Policy?
Raheem “Rocky” Williams

Hello Rocky: Thanks for the invitation to contribute “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton”. There are so many stories, from so many unique individuals, in this free nation of ours. My own is just one of those who live at the edge of the New Economy, and seek its elusive benefit.

The SolCity kickstarter venture is a concept whose time has come: solar has finally gained traction as an alternative energy source, technology is supplanting personal interaction in a trend that must be mitigated, centers of social interaction are now crucial to our health and social well-being, and families must find a way to interact with consideration for the extreme gap in their world-views. That great gap is exacerbated by exponential acceleration of changes in cultural artifacts as well as mores.

My vision for SolCity is born of a profound desire for Community. Only on occasion do we find this— on completion of one-to-one teaching or mentoring, on a humanitarian mission out of country, during a Sunday congregational coffee, in hang time at our customary hometown Starbucks. There is something special about a place where we can share a common experience, common sentiment, and particularly a common purpose. Moments there are precious, and the American capital culture should be capable of producing a more vibrant and healthy core than the regional shopping mall.

As I developed my skills as an urban planner in the past, one of our professional ideals was designing for vigorous social concourse, where the sense of scale was human, while the architecture would soar. It is this ideal I intend to incorporate in SolCity, through the New Economy medium of crowdfunding. Mastermind partners and sponsors are our most profound need, and I welcome any inquiries that lead to a higher level of dialogue. Goto: http://kck.st/1WOa7XY

Thanks so much again Rocky, for your invitation.

Robert Ott PMP
Project Management Professional